31 March 2010


It's kind of a struggle to stay awake right now at work and the letters on the computer screen are blurring more than they should. I'm trying to keep my mind on the job and I get kind of panicky when I realize that I'm not aware of what's going on here. It's a struggle between relaxing when it's quiet and keeping my mind alert when necessary. I usually end up being tense for the whole twelve hours. I'd like to say it's because I'm working a night shift, my third one in a row at that but I have to admit that I have this problem on day shifts as well. I don't know if anybody else feels like this or how to tell anybody. I'm pretty sure I'd get belittled because of my inability to cope.

26 March 2010

Mission #57: Get TNCC Certified


Completed March 24, 2010

This task felt like a marathon of learning and three days of driving back and forth between Stettler and Red Deer, but I finally got certified!

I learned a lot in these few days but I wish I would have been able to take this course during my time spent doing my nursing degree. It really pulled together everything we learned about the body and meds into something tangible and practical. Yes, I know the "academic" courses were an important component to getting my degree, but TNCC was far, far more interesting than any single course in Uni. For this reason it's a course I would highly recommend to anyone just starting out in their nursing career, even if you're not looking to go into trauma.

I guess this is one of those "on the job training" sort of situations. Anybody else take a course after they became employed that was far more interesting and beneficial than what they studied in college or University (or even high school)?

23 March 2010

Picture Formatting

So I spent most of the last post trying to figure out the formatting for the pictures only to hit "publish post" and just really be unhappy with it all. But after spending the better part of an hour trying to get everything to line up I just threw up my hands and said "Screw it. I'll do better next time." From now on, all pictures will be centred in the middle of the blog post.

Mission #9: Learn to Bake Sugar Cookies


I baked the cookies on March 21, 2010, and the recipe I used can be found HERE.

You know when you walk into or out of a grocery store there is always, ALWAYS baked goods on sale at the entrance and they ALWAYS sugar cookies. And let me tell you, I love sugar cookies. Nothing beats this combination of sweetness, softness, and icing so I wanted to make some of my own. Because homemade is better than store bought, right?

Looking at the ingredients for the cookies, it's not very much, and it's easy to throw together (I mean, it has less than 5 steps). But once I started making it I concluded this might be a very dry recipe. The cookie dough wouldn't let me roll it neatly into balls. Right or wrong I ended up adding 60ml of milk to it. Also, rolling "walnut sized cookies" is a pain in the rectum.

The "soft" part in the recipe's title is a lie. These cam out as hard as biscuits.

Putting the icing on the cookies was the best part and the best tasting part. While this mission is completed, I will still be on the look out for a better sugar cookie recipe, where the cookie remains soft and moist after being baked.

Or else, stick with store bought.

22 March 2010

Mission #27 - Burn incense 10 times


I finished burning my last stick on incense on March 20, 2010.

My brother, Daniel, came over on the weekend after one of my night shifts. He’s one of the few people I’ve shown my 101 Things in 1001 Days list to. He was reading it over and told me it was quite cool, and he questioned why I hadn’t gotten any further on it than I had since I have less than a year left and more than 50% yet to complete.

My answers: sleep deprivation leading to a lack of motivation. If I think about it though, I just can't make a lot of these things a priority. Work is my priority on a day to day basis.

After seeing my incense burning mission he asked if I had any incense left. I said I did, from high school. His response, “Well, let’s get started.”

We burned all 43 sticks of incense over two days.

When Daniel lit the first stick on fire I was hit with a strange wave of nostalgia (which I almost wrote as 'nausea'. I'm in the middle of studying for a Trauma Nursing Course and that symptom is repeated often...). It was really unnerving to have all the memories come back to me of all the reasons I had bought the incense in the first place, all the people I had bought it with, and all the plans we had made to burn the incense.

For a while there I was really into learning about Tarot, Ruins, Feng Shui, Indie music, meditation, etc etc. I was lucky enough to have worked in a library during high school so my thirst for this information was readily satisfied. Any chance I got to go into store that may have looked like it would have anything to do with the above I was there. Any road trip I made to Calgary with my friends at the time always included 17th Ave, and any presents my friends gave around this time seemed to involve incense.

This good vibe came to an abrupt end when high school finished and my entire circle of friends went elsewhere for University except for me. Contact with these friends dwindled quickly but I still hoped that we would meet up again during breaks to finish what we had started, to indulge in our high school fancies one last time. I kept hoping, but it never happened and now I've had the incense sticks for so long that they've lost their individual scents: Vanilla smells like Lavender, which smells like Sweet Grass, and that smells like who knows what else smelled good at the time. I've had the incense sticks for so long that they kind of lost their individual scents and when I was burning them smelled like that generic scent of "I'm covering up a smell that could get me kicked out of my apartment."

And while this was just a simple act of burning incense, it was good to finally do it. It was one less reminder of sorely disappointing time in my life and it was one less thing I had to carry around with me physically and mentally. It's strange how unburdening yourself of physical possessions can sometimes unburden you of mental baggage.

Anybody else unloaded some mental or physical baggage lately? What was it that you got rid of?

06 March 2010

Mission #38: Get a new pair of glasses


I've had the same pair of glasses for over four years because I didn't need a new prescription for that long. I've had a hard time justifying spending several hundred dollars on a new pair. But a couple months ago I got my eyes checked again and they had improved (!!!) after years of deteriorating. I didn't know that was possible! In any case, I feel like I can finally justify getting a brand new pair.

It's my first "fashion" pair of frames from United Colours of Beneton. They're also pink.

I had gone shopping with my mother because where fashion is concerned, I only really trust her opinion (even if mine is different), so I let my mother convince me to take the pink frames over the black frames. This colour is not a colour I ever thought I'd willingly put on my face.

How did this happen???

05 March 2010

Mission #89: Make bread from scratch


As I'm realizing that I'm running out of more and more time, I decided to just buckle down and complete this mission that I had been putting off for a while. In the end I feel silly because it was such a simple mission to complete, and didn't take a lot of time at all.

The recipe I used can be found HERE.

I have to say that having completed this mission has been one of the most rewarding missions I've completed. Maybe because there has been something tangible at the end, something more than just knowing I've completed something.

01 March 2010

I have felt better than I have today.

Some stomach and nasal bug has been plaguing me since Friday, causing me to feel nauseous on and off, and to have daily nosebleeds. This can stop at any point today. Or at any second in the next hour.

I have had to call in sick again. I hate calling in sick. I feel guilty, utterly guilty, and my sense of justice is in moral disarray. I know my work is short staffed, and while not many other people have the same sense of employee loyalty, I feel bad for making the staffing situation worse.

Though, I know, in the long run it's better for me to just take a couple days off, not spread my disease, and feel 95% for the job because with all the crazy shit that can walk through the doors, I need to be on top of my game.

So I finally opened a real project blog with Blogger. I'll be working on it with my brother, Daniel, but whether he actually posts to it, that remains to be seen. He has something against Google at the moment and so he refuses to use Blogger for that very same reason. We'll see.