01 March 2010

I have felt better than I have today.

Some stomach and nasal bug has been plaguing me since Friday, causing me to feel nauseous on and off, and to have daily nosebleeds. This can stop at any point today. Or at any second in the next hour.

I have had to call in sick again. I hate calling in sick. I feel guilty, utterly guilty, and my sense of justice is in moral disarray. I know my work is short staffed, and while not many other people have the same sense of employee loyalty, I feel bad for making the staffing situation worse.

Though, I know, in the long run it's better for me to just take a couple days off, not spread my disease, and feel 95% for the job because with all the crazy shit that can walk through the doors, I need to be on top of my game.

So I finally opened a real project blog with Blogger. I'll be working on it with my brother, Daniel, but whether he actually posts to it, that remains to be seen. He has something against Google at the moment and so he refuses to use Blogger for that very same reason. We'll see.

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