06 March 2010

Mission #38: Get a new pair of glasses


I've had the same pair of glasses for over four years because I didn't need a new prescription for that long. I've had a hard time justifying spending several hundred dollars on a new pair. But a couple months ago I got my eyes checked again and they had improved (!!!) after years of deteriorating. I didn't know that was possible! In any case, I feel like I can finally justify getting a brand new pair.

It's my first "fashion" pair of frames from United Colours of Beneton. They're also pink.

I had gone shopping with my mother because where fashion is concerned, I only really trust her opinion (even if mine is different), so I let my mother convince me to take the pink frames over the black frames. This colour is not a colour I ever thought I'd willingly put on my face.

How did this happen???

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