26 March 2010

Mission #57: Get TNCC Certified


Completed March 24, 2010

This task felt like a marathon of learning and three days of driving back and forth between Stettler and Red Deer, but I finally got certified!

I learned a lot in these few days but I wish I would have been able to take this course during my time spent doing my nursing degree. It really pulled together everything we learned about the body and meds into something tangible and practical. Yes, I know the "academic" courses were an important component to getting my degree, but TNCC was far, far more interesting than any single course in Uni. For this reason it's a course I would highly recommend to anyone just starting out in their nursing career, even if you're not looking to go into trauma.

I guess this is one of those "on the job training" sort of situations. Anybody else take a course after they became employed that was far more interesting and beneficial than what they studied in college or University (or even high school)?

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