23 March 2010

Mission #9: Learn to Bake Sugar Cookies


I baked the cookies on March 21, 2010, and the recipe I used can be found HERE.

You know when you walk into or out of a grocery store there is always, ALWAYS baked goods on sale at the entrance and they ALWAYS sugar cookies. And let me tell you, I love sugar cookies. Nothing beats this combination of sweetness, softness, and icing so I wanted to make some of my own. Because homemade is better than store bought, right?

Looking at the ingredients for the cookies, it's not very much, and it's easy to throw together (I mean, it has less than 5 steps). But once I started making it I concluded this might be a very dry recipe. The cookie dough wouldn't let me roll it neatly into balls. Right or wrong I ended up adding 60ml of milk to it. Also, rolling "walnut sized cookies" is a pain in the rectum.

The "soft" part in the recipe's title is a lie. These cam out as hard as biscuits.

Putting the icing on the cookies was the best part and the best tasting part. While this mission is completed, I will still be on the look out for a better sugar cookie recipe, where the cookie remains soft and moist after being baked.

Or else, stick with store bought.

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