10 May 2010

Mission #101: Complete Script Frenzy with a partner

Goal completed on April 30, 2010.

The point of Script Frenzy is to write 100 pages of script in 30 days. The prize? Self-accomplishment. The point? To get you to write more than you would have otherwise.

I've completed Script Frenzy on my own before, but I wanted to try it with another person. Actually I just wanted to work somebody else on a project for once and it was a challenge in different ways.

I was able to write my part, and then when finished, pass it over to my partner, and I could rest my brain for a few days, and then pick up where my partner left off. But then I'd have to figure out which direction she went in and kind of pick that up and run with it.

Then Terias and I realized we were running out of time in April to make it to the hundred pages. We then took some time to work out the overall plot and then divvy up the scenes. I have never written something so disjointed at once before. It will need some heavy editing, but we made it!

Of course, the other obvious challenge is script writing itself. My typical medium is fiction writing and requires a different skill set than script writing. I'd say there are just about as many technicalities with scripting as there are novel writing. But it's always a good challenge to try something different from the norm.

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