10 May 2010

Mission #61: Attend a ComicCom

Completed on April 24 to 25, 2010 in Calgary.

The event was actually called Calgary Entertainment & Comic Expo and it was probably the single handedly most geeky thing I've ever done in my life. Besides the usual video gaming, comic reading, and internet tumblring.

It was definitely one of the most worthwhile too. Not only because I caught glimpses of various celebrities but I could see the industry display its finest. I could see where the bar was placed in terms of comics, artists, collectables, and retailers. I was able to see where I'd have to set my sights if I really did ever want to pursue any sort of niche in the industry. But then, I had always had a hunch the bar would be this high.

It was also interesting to see an artist's reactions as I approached them and just looked at their work, and asked them to sign the ComicCon art book. I think they expected networking on my behalf as I approached them and waited for them to stop sketching.

I'd say the best hour of that weekend was the Brent Spiner panel. I never would have thought him to be so hilarious (clearly I'm not enough of a fan). It was just one smart ass comment after another, and I suppose after several decades of fans saying/asking the same thing, you'd have come up with some pretty good responses.

I'd like to go again next year. Hopefully I'm somewhere next year where some kind of ComicCon one is being hosted.

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