13 May 2010

Mission #88: Try acupuncture

Completed today, May 13, 2010.

For once, an update the day I completed something. This is only because I have finished everything else on my to-do list. Like, EVERYTHING.

I got acupuncture today for the first time at Performance Physiotherapy in Stettler. I switched to their gym because it was twenty-four hours WITH security, unlike the hospital gym where one of my co-workers runs and the gym and doesn't think any security measures are necessary. No, the gym is just in the basement of an old hospital, there is no communication to the upstairs, no cameras, no panic button, nothing. But that's OK because this is STETTLER, nothing bad is going to happen here.

I digress.

It wasn't until about two weeks ago that I finally saw a physiotherapist about my knee pain while trying to run. A co-worker of mine who only recently go into running herself encouraged me to do so. One session has already helped considerably, which is awesome. Despite my hate for running, I miss it.

As part of today's treatment, I received acupuncture.

It took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting it: I had only mentioned briefly as part of my initial treatment. So I all of a sudden became anxious. I'm not scared of needles to the point that I'll avoid them (I do donate blood, after all), but they do cause me some anxiety. More so since one nurse while donating blood missed my ACF and then started digging an 18 G need around in my arm.

The first few pokes of the acupuncture needles hurt more than they probably should have being a little anxious and all, but by the time the last need went in I was pretty calm. They were in for about 20 minutes and it was a pretty strange feeling. It was like my skin was stretched tight between the needles. I'll give my legs a rest today, but I'm looking forward to running again.

But before I get too serious with that, I'm going to purchase a new pair of runners. The ones I bought three years ago? Giving me blisters now and I need to get rid of them. Sad.

Edit: Just noticed that the picture really makes my calf muscles look fat. Bummer.

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