23 June 2010

Mission #12: Watch a sporting event at a pub

Goal completed on June 14, 2010 at the Fiddler's Courtyard in Calgary.

In February I was totally stoked for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Then NHL playoffs were to follow, but when it was determined that neither the Edmonton Oilers nor the Calgary Flames would be in the playoffs I stopped paying attention to that. sporting tournament. So when FIFA started to get notice in Canada (way too late) I felt like I had had my fill of sports.

Or so I thought.

Daniel started talking about it, then my friend Susi in Germany started talking about it, although she supports Italy (...what?), Shalon (who supports Spain) and my dad mentioned FIFA in separate conversations, so I thought, "Huh. What do I have to lose by following a team?" Since Canada wasn't in the running (again) my default team ended up being Germany.

I was in Calgary for a BBQ on Saturday and with Daniel's enthusiasm, dragged myself out of bed to watch Germany's first game on Sunday against Australia. Daniel and I were prepared with swag:

With Canada being such a hockey and winter Olympics nation, I always figured that the first sporting event I'd see at a pub or bar (and I don't mean the NFL or CFL that plays in the background when I've gone out with friends) wouldn't be a soccer game, never mind a match for the World Cup. It was quite amazing to watch Germany win, 4-0 over Australia. Since then I haven't been able to stop watching the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

And I finally get it.

I get why people go to pubs, if not each other's houses to watch sporting events. Even though you're surrounded by total strangers you're all sharing the hype, the disappointment, and surprise of a game or sport. It's like having that team camaraderie without actually being on the team or playing the sport.

It was kind of fun.

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