07 September 2010

Mission #16: Invite the family out and pick up the bill

Goal completed on June 4, 2010 at The 502 restaurant in Medicine Hat.

Clive and I always go out for supper at least once with my parents every time he comes for a visit. We always have contributed to the bill, but this was the first time we picked up the whole bill ourselves. It quite shocked my parents, and myself, really.

For Clive it wasn't really anything unusual: He left home at 17 and has had a career since, and has taken his mom and siblings out for supper many times. But for me I felt very grown up, and was another reminder that I was actually an adult.

Yes, yes I know, at 24 I should be well acquainted with adulthood, but I only (truly) moved out on my own at 23 and only started my career about 3 months before that birthday. It's still a novel feeling to do something mature and adult like.

I was going to put a plug in here for The 502 and the accompanying bar, The Ottoman, but both appear to have been shut down since Clifford and I took my parents out. I had found out in a roundabout way, the same way when the management had changed hands. I actually find it sad that this place has gone down the hill and is closed. I've had some really good times there, but I guess it's life holding up a sign saying that “This happened, it was good, time to say goodbye. Don't feel bad.”

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