15 September 2010

Mission #48: Do not check FaceBook for 7 days consecutively

Goal completed August 30, 2010.

From August 23 at 08:00 to August 30 at 08:00, I did not check my Facebook account once. OK, so I checked it once before eight, but then shut it off.There were a number of reasons I decided to go with this challenge, but the biggest reason was that I got a bit addicted and started to get upset about little things.

It wasn't hard at first because Clifford and I were busy driving various family and friends back to the airport after our wedding. And then Clifford and I had to fly off on our own (first time in Business Class too!) to Malta. We had purposely not taken his laptop with us on our trip even though it would have been handy to have had it to check the bus schedule and book tours. But traveling with a laptop can be a massive pain in the rear: it always feels heavier and clunkier in your hand luggage than when you were inspecting it at a store before purchasing.

Besides, our honeymoon was about us, no about taking pictures for Facebook.

I didn't actually miss Facebook or being on the internet in Malta. I had never been there before and it was such a busy place that there was plenty to see and do, never mind finally having some quality time to spend with Clifford after all the hustle and bustle of the wedding.

The only day I struggled with staying away was the night we got back from Malta. Being disconnected from the world for a little was fine while there were distractions, but when access and availability is just plopped right in front of your face it's hard to resist. Kind of like waving candy in front of a diabetic's face: you can tolerate a steady stream of input, but this is an explosion.

That last 24 hours of resistance wasn't as challenging as it could have been. I mean, I didn't have to stare at a computer screen or have constant access to a smart phone. That would have been definitely a test of my will, and perhaps a challenge for the future?

Let me know if you've ever challenged yourself to cutting out or down on social media. What was the most challenging moment? What aspects did you enjoy about it?

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