04 September 2010

Mission #53: Play Mini Golf

Goal completed on August 15, 2010 in Bundoran.

Clifford and I had finally a weekend to ourselves and made a point of getting away so we could definitely not thinking at all about wedding stuff. After much arguing and making faces at each other, Clifford and I finally booked a B&B and surf lessons in Rossnowlagh in the Republic of Ireland.

But Mission #3: Try surfing will have to stay incomplete. Before Clive and I even left for Rossnowlagh, we got a phone call from the surf school saying they couldn't do the lessons. Something about the waves not being right. I was disappointed. I really wanted to learn how to surf, and this was probably my last chance to attempt surfing.

The view from our B&B
The beach in the morning.
However, we still made the most of our time on the west coast of Ireland. The The Gaslight Inn (Ardnamara B&B) was also a restaurant and pub for the locals. Clifford was in his element chatting to other patrons and staff (and getting smashed in the process), I had the biggest platefuls of fresh seafood I could ever ask for. The breakfast the next morning was a hung over person's dream: a homemade full Irish breakfast.

We were also blessed with fabulous weather: there was not a cloud in the sky and sun was shining the brightest I have ever seen it in Ireland. The most shocking part? It lasted the whole day. After we had started off the day with a walk to the main beach, we were directed to a local, more secluded beach, by the B&B owner. Apparently Tony Blair had learned how to swim there.

Private little beach.

After spending the morning there and getting sunburned (I know, sunburned? In Ireland. Apparently it can happen), we made our way to Ballyshannon, and eventually to Bundoran, where I discovered PIRATE MINI GOLF!

I am a terrible golfer but I managed to get the only hole in one!

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