27 September 2010

Mission #25: No speeding for 2 weeks consecutively

Goal completed September 25, 2010.

I was really tempted to declare this goal complete halfway through August. As you know, I was in Northern Ireland getting married, and also, as you know, people in Ireland (North and Republic) drive on the wrong side of the road. So I didn't drive, and no driving means no speeding!

Although I did try driving once.
Of course, this good streak didn't hold up once I got back to Canada and had to start driving again. In a city I'm pretty good at observing the speed limits, even if people behind me get irritated and start to tail gate me. Driving on highways is a different story: I tend to put my brain into autopilot. I'm sure that wouldn't happen as much if there was actually something to look at! But as it's mostly straight on the #1 my foot gets a bit heavy on the gas pedal.

After I put this goal on my list it felt irrelevant. I readily admit I drive too fast on highways but I had never gotten a speeding ticket. But after eight years of driving, being in a rush, and feeling over confident of that fact that I've never been caught, I didn't get pulled over by the police once, but twice.

Leaving the not speeding goal on became a test of my integrity I suppose and once I consciously started to complete this goal I found it harder than expected. My first few attempts I wouldn't speed for 3 or 4 days before catching myself speeding, even within city limits. I kept careful note of where all the RCMP and police favourite hiding spots were along the highways and Daniel felt pity for me and wanted to give me his radar detector. But I declined, I wanted to prove to myself that I had the discipline to see this goal through honestly.

And while there is not tangible reward for completing this goal, I feel pretty damn good about it.

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