14 September 2010

Mission #29: 101 Things That Make Me Happy

After a really mentally and physically draining June, July, and August I finally decided it was time to write this list. The first 50 items on the list came relatively fast to mind, and to paper, and my hand was having a hard time keeping up with my brain. The last 50 I spent most of my time comparing to the first 50 because I kept coming up with variations of the first.

After a few hours I did complete my list with a few read throughs. I thought about my list a little and realized that really, the first 60 things really brought me the most amount of happiness. In brief, I concluded that if you really need more than 50 things to make you happy, then maybe a re-evaluation of what makes you happy is in order?

After traveling around as much as I have, and moving around as much as I have, you realize you don't really need much to be happy. Clean clothes, daily showers, good food, and good company.

1. Clive
2. Daniel
3. my parents
4. Renee
5. pouring rain all day
6. getting postcards in the mail
7. drinking a hot cup of tea
8. playing the Final Fantasy games
9. Watching/Reading the X-men series
10. listening and watching live music
11. Ashley
12. Reading a good book
13. watching good action movies
14. learning something new
15. drinking wine
16. traveling in trains
17. obtaining a new pair of shoes
18. speeding down empty highways
19. sunshine
20. finding someone that enjoys my old clothes
21. traveling in air planes
22. cuddling
23. kissing
24. Canada day
25. watching the Olympics
26. watching a team I support win their game
27. napping in the sun
28. babies
29. being a rebel at work
30. organizing my collections
31. eating good food
32. having good discussions
33. Susi
34. going to church
35. working out
36. making a recipe and having it turn out well
37. hearing a song on the radio that has been stuck in your head all day
38. eating sushi
39. waking up without a hang over
40. private
41. my car's excellent mileage
42. finding awesome clothes on the sale rack
43. going on road trips
44. getting massages
45. burning candles
46. eating honey on toast
47. eating raspberries off the bush
48. eating fresh pineapples
49. constructing something with my hands
50. writing
51. paying my bills before they are due
52. getting pedicures
53. hearing a good joke
54. farts and farting
55. writing with other people
56. making people laugh
57. Twitter
58. surfing the Internet
59. eating my mom's cakes
60. completing a parallel park on the first try
61. sleeping on a firm mattress
62. hot showers
63. singing along to a song and knowing every word
64. cooking for Clive
65. taking a picture and then realizing it's really cool
66. thunder and lightening storms
67. drinking cold beer on a hot day
68. working with co-workers that I can joke with
69. BBQ's
70. dancing to my favourite song at a club
71. landscaping
72. accomplishing a goal that I set out to do
73. Reading graphic novels
74. realizing that I have more money than I thought
75. Haribo gummi bears
76. finding a cheap flight
77. being awake at 3 am with someone
78. eating toast with salami and mustard
79. having a good skin day
80. My Grandparents
81. hearing Clive's voice
82. painting
83. Marlon
84. making bracelets
85. making Clive happy
86. going to a big venue concert
87. Reading in a library
88. playing video games with other people
89. having a clean room
90. finding a band/musician where the whole album is filled with good songs
91. Getting new tech toys
92. visiting a historical location
93. standing in 1000 year old churches
94. traveling with Clive
95. meeting new people
96. going out with my good friends
97. swimming outdoors
98. pleasantly surprising people
99. hiking in the mountains
100. Reading/watching something about pirates
101. my computer

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