08 September 2010

Mission #20: Pick up a hitch hiker

Mission completed July 19, 2010.

I picked up two hitch hikers just outside Brooks on one of my many trips between Stettler and Medicine Hat, moving my stuff. Granted, as a female driver, it's not advisable to pick up any sort of hitch hiker, let alone two. But then we wouldn't have this story now, would we?

My car was pretty packed with all of my stuff, but when I saw the guys and stopped I thought I'd give them the choice to squeeze into my car or not. They were game for the ride, but ended up having more stuff than I originally thought. They must practice stacking their belongings to look like just a backpack. Needless to say, it was a tight squeeze to get them in.

Shortly after me and these two fragrant young men carried on a rain rain storm hit that lasted until just about we got to Medicine Hat. Both of the young men were very grateful for the lift. So then we started talking, as you do when you're in a cramped space with strangers. One man was from BC, and had never been outside his province before in his 21 or so years. As he talked a little bit about his life he sounded more or less homeless and without a lot of money. The second man was Ollie, and from Quebec. This was his second time hitch hiking BACK across Canada. He was all about the music.

Though I had to keep my AC on for the whole trip I was glad fro the company for the "homestretch" (the stretch of road between Brooks and Medicine Hat) of my journey. When I dropped the two off it was a quick and awkward goodbye. We didn't really know each other and I'm not sure we would have been friends had we met under different circumstances. I guess it was no different from when I meet people on airplanes, the brief conversations we have that connect us, and potentially leave an impact on us.

I had quickly dropped them off when I got to Medicine Hat, race home, change, and go to my job interview for that day. The weather remained miserable and I have often wondered how far across Canada they managed to get.

Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker? If you have, any stories to tell?

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