03 September 2010

Remember Your iPod

Yesterday I had a really bad day. I felt like a disappointment all around and after a long hiatus from being on the internet properly because of traveling and getting married. I looked back at my list of goals and realized I hadn't really gotten anywhere with them and I promptly not completed one.

I felt quite down in the dumps because it was a goal I totally thought I had covered, the Nike+Active goal. Like an emo loser I sat at Starbucks in Antrim the other day and wrote "Woe is me, I suck." for a whole page because Nike had said the old Nike+Active goals that I had started would become unavailable as of September 1.

Well, imagine my surprise this morning when I sync'd the few steps I had managed to accumulate when I actually remembered to take my iPod and turn on the pedometre on my walks. I had enough steps to complete the goal I had been working on and start on the next goal: the Pinata.

I'm was like "Yesssss!" but quietly because Clive was still sleeping.

The Pinata will be my last goal to complete before this set of Nike+Active goals is complete and I'll be able to start on the next one. I'm looking forward to it now because it's like I have a second chance, even though I'll have to walk about 200k for steps to complete it. On the other hand, it will be 14,000 or so calories and after this honeymoon I will definitely need to get back into the swing of things sooner than later.

And note to self: bring your friggin iPod with you so you can prove you've walked more than 600 steps a day.

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