13 October 2010

Mission #75: Complete My Latest Fanfiction Project

Completed yesterday!

My fic is called "Only The Top Matters", posted to Fanfiction.net.

I wrote it over a year ago based off a prompt from one of my LiveJournal friends. I'm not sure why I didn't get around to it sooner, but Sunday I finally sat down, took a red pen to my paper, and finally typed up the last changes.


It's based on one of my favourite female characters in the X-men comic series: Marrow. She has such a fascinating, complex story and character that I can't help but not love her. Though some of the recent changes Marvel is making with her and her character leaves you scratching your head in confusion...

It was good for my self-esteem to finally follow through on a project and finish it, even though it was a small fic. I finally feel like I can concentrate fully on the upcoming NaNoWriMo next month, and after this competition is complete I think I'd like to commit to my many other unfinished projects.

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