28 October 2010


I don't know what that was for. I just came off my night shift and drank a cup of coffee.

"But you're a tea drinker!" my internal monologue begins.

"I know self! But I want to win the McDonald's Monopoly game! Sacrifices must be made!"

"But coffee after your night shift???"

"I never said it was a good idea!"

I mean, really, McDonald's daily just to get the Monopoly stickers? Maybe I'll win $100: You have to be in it to win it (Although my chances don't look that great right now). I have a feeling it'll be a nice way to procrastinate when November rolls around.

"What's that? I have another 1000 words to write and it's 23:00? Time for chicken nuggets!"

There was no real point to this entry... Carry on.

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