04 October 2010

Getting Excited for NaNoWriMo!

So October is upon me and I have nothing to report where my progress is concerned. I have less than 100 days to complete the remaining 40 odd goals I had set out to do two and a half years ago. October is a significant month because it's the month before November: National Novel Writing Month. It will be my fourth year doing this but I am feeling a little torn between finishing my 101 Things and starting up a new novel.

A person would think that 101 Things would take priority, however, I can't just ignore National Novel Writing Month. My online circle is already buzzing and getting started on their novels and practicing their word sprints and I'm right there with them with planning my own story in my head already. I've even did my very first word sprint two days ago!

I am really aiming to meet the 50k words that I made the first year I participated, as well as make it to a few write ins. I've convinced my Mom to lend me her Acer laptop for next month so that I have a better keyboard to work with while I'm on the road. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone, and the touch screen is super handy (who doesn't love a QWERTY keyboard at their finger tips?) but the size of the screen and auto-correct frustrate me sometimes.

I'm really glad this is happening this time of year because it really takes the edge off the doom and gloom of fall and winter for me (read: hate winter). I'm not so secretly hoping my friend Denton will host his online write-ins again because they were very motivational and helped me to be efficient when I made the effort to write.

I encourage everyone to participate, even if you have no vested interest in becoming a novelist, author, writer, etc. It's good fun and really challenges you: National Novel Writing Month.

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