17 October 2010

Straight Through My Heart

I drive a lot. Across the prairies.

If you know anything about prairies they are generally flat, few rolling hills, and the industry is agricultural so most of what you see tends to be livestock or crops. People live far apart, even groups of people so towns and cities tend to be further apart. If you can imagine that in your brain, then you can imagine that it can get very boring.

My life is pretty complicated right now which is the only explanation why I drive over 700km per week, so you can understand why I might need a lot of good music, or good company while I drive across the mostly flat and sparsely populated landscape. My music requirements for driving is energetic, fast-paced music to counteract the lull of the land. I have created a driving play list that typically consists of the latest Medicine Hat clubbing songs, or loud and angry rock songs.

Over the years I've come to accept that I'm crap at making playlists. They're so eclectic in tempo and styles and moods that when people listen to my mixes people are left scratching their heads a bit. Probably why I am not a DJ, though, if you're ever in my hometown and go out to The Club (yes, the club is called "The Club") I'm fairly certain I can do a much better job. I also don't recommend appropriate music for certain moods so I've just started to recommend music I like and let people get what they want out of it.

I don't need iTunes for this!

After purchasing an iPhone I was obligated to get iTunes. I didn't want to give into the Apple trend, but since I discovered the Genius feature it's been hard not to like it. I pick a song I like and BOOM. Playlist. And it's been really easy to create lists of songs for moods or situations... I'm referring to writing here, not having a sad playlist for my self-pity.

Regardless of whether I'm listening to a self-made playlist or using a Genius playlist, sometimes it's that one song that inspires me for a scene. I've been making notes of what songs I listen to at that moment so when I come back to it I can get lost in my head and then focus on what I was writing and where I wanted to take that scene or chapter. Sometimes it makes it into the "soundtrack" of what I'm working on.

I think everyone can agree that nothing beats a well placed song, or a melody that captures a mood perfectly, or a theme that we can recognize anywhere (Star Wars anyone?). Reading the forums on NaNoWriMo about music, and tunes that inspire, the competition of who is listening to the most Indie or most Alternative music gets more fierce with every response. Who has the better play list, who can recommend the most unknown bands, etc etc. Let me say this: I LIKE THE BACKSTREET BOYS AND I WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND THEM FOR YOUR PLAY LIST.

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