10 November 2010

Writing Cliches

Two nights ago Terias McKlay and I spent the majority of the evening writing and catching up on our word counts. She told me I wasn't allowed to blog until I made the daily word count.

OK, OK, so I'll admit that it was good to have someone keep me on track for writing today and make some progress towards my ultimate word count.

But. I still found my way to the NaNoWriMo forums, with one of the forums called "Reaching 50,000" ironically had a thread about dealing with cliches.

I may not have mentioned this before, but I set out writing my NaNo for this year totally last minute and with no planning. I also decided I was going to go through the NaNo Dares thread and base my story completely on what I came across. This involved a lot of cliches, or currently popular ideas such as vampires.

Going back to the thread regarding cliches, it was a really good read as the points people brought up was from everything to using cliches shamelessly to being really careful to avoid them at all costs. I often write with cliches in mind, not just for this NaNo. Vampires may be something everyone's reading, writing, and talking about this year (even yours truly), but I wonder how I can make these cliches my own. How I can tell this story differently because there's only one person that thinks like me, and that's well, me.

Sounds a bit of a cop out as cliches are easy to write, even if you are trying to make it your own, but are there really infinite ways to tell the stories of Man vs Man? Or Man vs Nature? or Man vs Himself? etc etc

Ok. Right. Stop talking and get back to writing. 15 minute blocks throughout the day until you get past this tricky spot and to the word count!

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