07 December 2010

Guest Blog Post: Terias McKlay

So I've spent the last 10 days in England due to a family emergency... unbeknownst to my Uni. I had almost no internet for the whole stay and no way of blogging, so my on and offline friend Terias McKlay has agreed to write a guest post for me.

(Oh, and this means Goal #95 has been completed from my 101 Things in 1001 Days has been completed.)

- - -

While your usual host, Christiana, is over playing at my blog, you have to deal with the likes of me, Terias McKlay. Poor, poor you. And on a Tuesday, no less. If this were the Whedonverse, somewhere on the horizon an apocalypse would be galloping towards you at full tilt. It would probably be wearing Jane’s hat, carrying Vera.

Run while you still can. (Except you there, in the back. Yeah, the newbie in the red shirt. You may as well not even bother. )

Because I’m pants at being able to come up with blogging subjects (if it were up to me, all you’d see is a little geek waxing poetic about the intricacies of Terminator),  Christiana was nice enough to pull up a topic of discussion. Today’s topic of discussion will be: What's on your wall? Prints, posters, photos, paintings? What makes you want to hang something up?

Well, go ahead, discuss.

…Okay, okay, I’ll start. Naked people. No, not really (really). My walls are a mind numbingly boring shade of beige. I’d paint but that smells a little bit like work and I’m rather allergic to that. Therefore (Yeah, I’m using ‘therefore’. Capillary put a minimum word count on me and I’m going to chew it up with every two penny word I can find), I combat such boredom by letting my geeky little heart rule. Oh, I’ve got the obligatory photos of some nifty places but that’s not where the meat is.

To start this wonderful recipe that we call ‘my walls’ we first add a healthy dose of Batman wall decals. Every moderately bare patch of ceiling or wall was given the privilege of uber ass-kickery in either Batman or BatSymbol form. No Robin though. Creepy little pixie boy. Put on some damn pants. Or at least let Stephanie Brown have her job back.

We continue our tour with various pieces of my art taped over the litany of nail holes. A ‘Joker’ poster hides (no it doesn’t, but I tried) the GAPING hole in my ceiling which I put there while punching it to get the damn mice to stop running marathons over my head (which also failed, check for them in London’s upcoming Olympics).

I have recently acquired (or at least somewhat lately acquired and more recently hung) a large Superman flag which is proudly displayed over my bed. And thus completes our tour.

Yes, I know, I’m a DC whore. Which I hear might get me shot in these parts. I know someone around here has a particular love for some genetically mutated beings whose team name falls somewhere near the end of the alphabet.

As for the ‘what makes you want to hang something up?’ part of the question, it’s actually pretty simple. I put up stuff I like. Arguably, that’s why there is little rhyme or reason to what’s hanging around.

One Batman is slapped up next to two ‘Got Milk’ ads (Marg Helgenberger and Mariska Hargitay for those keeping track).

My whiteboard full of projects hangs just over a comic that implies ‘The Flash’ might not get his name from his super speed (think about it, you’ll get it.)

If it’s something that’ll kick my ass out of writer’s block, make me giggle whenever I see it or remind me of the types of values I want to stand for (ooh, deep thought moment), it gets its own little place in the beige.

- - -

Born in Montreal, Quebec and having had her fill of infant poutine, Terias moved to various locations in Alberta where she tipped cows, joined the army, and learned to drink beer. In an attempt at higher education, Terias headed back east to Toronto, Ontario to attain her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. When working a research job didn’t produce the expected results of creating a league of super villains, Terias moved on to more physical ventures. She currently holds a personal training certificate and spends her days moulding her clients to be her personal super soldiers.

Terias caught the writing bug in high school and never seemed to shake that monkey from her back. Thanks to 'Bedazzled Ink', she’s now ready to unleash her debut novel, ‘The Surrender’, on an unsuspecting world. Terias’ non-writing time is divided between playing rugby for the Yeomen Lions, playing video games, or regenerating in her sleep pod.

Terias can be found on the internet via website, or Twitter @TeriasMcKlay, or on Facebook as Terias McKlay

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