04 December 2010

Mission #1: 50k Words. Finally.

So, obviously I failed at keeping up blogging during NaNoWriMo... But I did make it through NaNo and my word count ended up being 50,086!

I almost didn’t make it because of all the travelling, the partying, the drinking when I should have been writing. I’m not sure if this is the lifestyle that a writer normally has?...

Even though I reached the 50k words that were required to complete the challenge last month the story isn't finished. It's very close. I'm writing the last few chapters and probably need another 5000 words but obviously not writing at the same pace as I have been. And if I do this right I can leave myself open for a sequel.

But now that I've accomplished that epic goal I feel like I can give myself permission to let my mind wander to other writing projects. There's a short fanfic I have in mind that I'd like to work on. But for now I'm going to revel in the fact that I have accomplished NaNoWriMo once more and broken my writing curse for not finishing.

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