10 December 2010

Mission #54: Learn How to Cook 20 New Recipes

Completed on December 7, 2010 in the "welfare flat" in Northern Ireland.

Over the past year I've posted a few recipes that I've tried and I was going to keep them up, but I've never followed them 100%. It's like the best laid plans... I think to date, the only recipe that I have followed to the T was the beer bread.

Go figure.

I feel like I can’t post the recipes I've tried here because I have this bad habit of changing the recipes too much. They don’t even end up being anything like what I had set out to do even from my first attempt at trying them.

I made pin wheels, or tortilla roll ups, or whatever you want to call them for the first time on Friday. After reading a few recipes on them I realized that you could get pretty creative: there was no set rule as to how to construct them. Any combination of dressing or sauce, cold cuts, and anything else that comes in slices: cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

The other day I downloaded a recipe book app from Betty Crocker. I think it's brilliant as it has hundreds of recipes the access at your fingertips AND you can input up to two main ingredients and it’ll bring up several recipes. Super handy if you need to use up a few things in your house.

In my browsing I came across a tortellini soup. It had some sort of broccoli cheese sauce as an ingredient, the name of which I forgot to write down when I went out shopping here in Northern Ireland. It dawned on me that the Betty Crocker app is American, and American products don’t necessarily exist in the UK (like, duh, right?).

This time I was actually forced to improvise and it didn't turn out so well... My husband choked down the soup with a smile and said it was tasty. I've come to admit that it's a lot harder to learn how to cook properly and cook something well, particularly when you dont' have a kitchen of your own. Going from a friend’s house, to my parent’s house, and going to my brother’s place who has no interest in cooking kind of puts a damper on culinary experimentation. Having a kitchen and tools of my own in Omagh is one of things that I’m looking forward to as a part of moving permanently to the UK.

And maybe making a point of following the recipe in the future....

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