09 December 2010

Mission #56: Learn How To Use Blush and Eye Shadow Properly

I’m taking a great risk moving my laptop from its place and onto, well, my lap. Finally managed to get to a Three store, the provider of my internet while I’m in the UK and stuck on this army camp. The “stick” as we know it in North America is called a “dongle” here. Take that word how you will.

Northern Ireland... somewhere.
Back to what I was actually going to say, I completed my 56th goal on November 24, 2010.

It happened at Britney's place, where I was staying when driving up to Stettler for shifts as I don't have a place of my own anymore. She hosted a "Girls Night In" party with home vendors and we invited various co-workers and girlfriends to come around. I think the purse lady, the sex toy lady, and the makeup artist had the most success. My friend, Jen, was the make-up artist, so I could be biased in saying, she had the most success.

I'll admit, up until this Girls Night In, I could put on eyeliner and mascara, but not confidently. The assumption is that (most) women in their mid-twenties would know how to wear all the different sorts of make-up, or at least could pull off all the basics. The truth is I've never had the patience or interest to learn how to do this properly. In fact, it wasn't until I was about 19 that I even learned how apply eye liner from a couple of friends (YouTube tutorials wasn't really a thing at this time...).

I guess the foundation of my lack of interest was that my mom never really wore any make up: once in a while I would see her wear some lip gloss. The girlfriends I had in high school weren't really girly in the make-up, mini-skirts, and pink accessories sort of way. Oh sure, we talked about the boys we were crushing on but we never did anything about it except try to pretend we weren't as socially awkward as we were when we spoke to said crushes. Naturally that backfired.

When I got to college and University I started to develop the confidence to experiment with eyeliner it typically ended up being bold, messy, and bright. I'd try any trend that would let me stand out and get noticed. By the time my student days began to draw to a close I recognized that I needed a more professional appearance if I was going to use any sort of eye make-up. I tried toning down it down by emulating what I saw other girls do but I had to be honest with myself and accept that I just didn't have a foggy clue what I was doing.

So I gave up. I haven't worn anything for the past year unless somebody else did it for me.

Until last month where Jen had an amazing amount of patience with me as she did my eyes, showed me a number of products, and how to use them for day and night looks. For the first time I used blush, powdered eye shadow, and make-up brushes to apply those products and liquid foundation. I bought a number of products afterwards as Clifford's Christmas Party was coming up this month.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.
For me it was good to finally learn how to use all these beautification products. I don't regret learning how to use them when I have, even though there have been various people in my life who have given me the impression it was my failing as I could have experimented on my own. While this is true, that judgment lacks the understanding what kind of an influence a peer group can have, and there was maybe 10% interest.

Interest sparked by Capt Jack Sparrow's eyeliner
Now that the door to make-up is open to me I can make an informed choice on how much time and effort I will put into my appearance from here on in, and let me tell you, it's not going to be a whole lot more than it has been. I really do prefer to spend my time blogging, reading, writing, traveling, and so on. I guess what I want is for people to stop judging me (especially my co-workers) for not wearing any make-up because I don't judge them on their use of the products or how they spend their time.

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