11 December 2010

Mission #77: Get a Playstation 3 Slim

 .Accomplished. Yesterday.

My husband bought me a PS3 for Christmas. Obviously it's not Christmas Day today, or even yesterday. It's not even time to open presents this week. But after Clifford opened the present I bought for him earlier this month I was given the opportunity to open mine early as well.

Neither one of us knows if we’ve violated some sort of Christmas Karma, like getting seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror or what. But after Clifford threw some hints my way, I couldn't help but crave the tearing of the wrapping paper. That, and if it was true was he was hinting at, I wanted to set it up this week so I wouldn't waste time setting it up the following week when I should be getting my house organized for the holidays.

Since I found out that Final Fantasy 13 was going to be released for the PS3 I’ve wanted one (Sad but true). And even though I have a PS3 now, I've decided I am not going to be selling my PS2. There are still too many games that I have and like to play for the old system. Also, the PS1 games still are playable on the PS2. Honestly, I didn’t want a PS3 for a long time because of its lack of backwards compatibility that the PS2 was famous for and gave it the edge over Nintendo for a while.

I don’t have Final Fantasy 13 yet, but it’s not going to be too long before I will obtain a copy. Particularly since I know that there are no country codes on the games.

Watch out pawn shops and second hand game stores!

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