09 March 2012

21 DAY CHALLENGE - Day 3, December 16

Luckily enough, my husband and I ended up experiencing some awesome weather in Hawaii ended up being outside for most of our trip. At night and back at the hotel, however, I have to admit that we both looked at the TV with temptation in our eyes, you know, just watch for 15 min before we went to sleep. I am happy that out of the 8 days we were there we turned on the TV only once for about 15 min.

I don’t have a TV in my bedroom, and haven’t had for years. When the TV is on I have a hard time fathoming how it can lull anyonhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gife to sleep, though I’ve heard many people tell me that they can’t fall asleep without it on or without music playing. I said things very similarly, if I think back to it, during high school: I insisted that I coulhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifdn’t relax or fall asleep unless I had my headphones stuck in my ear and blaring music. Looking back, I’m sure that’s what contributed to my sleep deprivation during that time.

Granted, when looking for music and it’s effects on sleeping, there are more studies that pop up about how music is good for getting a better sleep. It helps you relax before hand, but the type of music has to be considered as well: shttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifcreamo, shouting, angry sounding music isn’t the ideal choice. Something between 60-8http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif0 bpm and without lyrics is recommended to relax before you can fall asleep, but the music needs to shut off or else you can never quite get into that REM stage of sleep that’s so vital.

Studies are now showing that having a TV, computer, or even a cell phones can prevent or disrupt sleep: Looking at screens can rile us up instead of calming us down. LED lights on our electronics can also have the same effect as looking at a computer screen.

Despite not having a TV or computer in my room I still find it difficult to get all my sleep in, and in looking at my habits, I discover I am on the computer until the very bitter end of the day. I find myself sitting at the computer at that time during the night when you can tell yourself the easiest that you should have gone to bed ages ago. So when I got back from Vacation, I made it a point to shut the computer off every night and to set a timer for when I should be getting ready for bed. So far I have managed to cut between 20 to 100 min of screen time daily (Yes, that is how much time I spend on the computer AFTER having spent all day in front of the computer) and getting to bed at a much better hour at night.

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