05 April 2012


Etiquette is a tricky thing, I’ve learned.

Being from a “western” English speaking country I thought the etiquette I learned in Canada would transfer to many other places. Unfortunately, there are even places in Canada where I’ve made faux pas.

I learned that there are places in the world where asking about family history is a faux pas, and on the other hand there are certain things I don’t want people asking me because I think it’s rude. There’s also a way to conduct yourself: in Northern Ireland you can’t just wave to kids playing in the street, apparently you can get yourself killed. In Turkey, anything more than holding hands between couples is severely frowned upon.

You can’t be too careful about what you say and do, apparently, because there are places in this world not nearly as forgiving.


  1. Etiquette is always a tricky thing, I've noticed it varies greatly from one part of the US to another.

    Like in the South, where I grew up, people would never do things that they do here in DC. and vise versa. I got myself into a lot of trouble doing something up here, that is normal where I grew up, when I first moved here.

  2. Oh it is very tricky! Also, things that are considered very rude in one country, are considered normal in others. Like eating with your fingers, or burping when you had a good meal. I think it is a good thing it isn't my ambition to see the whole world :D

  3. Yeah. Opinions are like @ssholes...everyone has got em. So when you practice etiquette...you need to be aware that some people will take offense and others won't. That's just the way the world works.