10 April 2012


Seriously, what would we do without WiFi everywhere?

How would we check-in for our flights? Check the weather of our destination? Get phone numbers for taxis? Check out local events? Inform your parents you’re alive?

Internet is vastly becoming a necessity for travel and sometimes I find therein lies the problem. It’s a useful tool but it’s so all-consuming that we can never just leave our work at work, or home situations at home. And it feels like we can’t “get away from it all” anymore because most people are convinced we need a gamut of devices that all connect to the internet to keep our lives organized.

It’s a wonder how people managed at all before the internet.

I’d like to think though, that people took more time to connect with the people in their world and treasured their experiences instead of thinking “How can I turn this situation into an awesome Facebook/Twittter/etc update?”


  1. My sons do not remember life before the internet, but I do. We did survive, somehow. But it's kind of scary how much we rely on it.

  2. We are so connected now. A world without the Internet would be bleak.

    Visiting from A to Z.


  3. Hi, oh, yeah, I remember how we used to communicate. I use the internet now, I suppose, almost as much as anyone, but I remember a time sixty years ago. I had just gotten married, and moved with my groom from East Tennessee to Indiana. We communicated by U.S. Mail and wrote letters. The telephone, when my parents used it, was on an eight-party line, where each patron had their own particular ring (two shorts, one short and one long, one long, etc.) and only answered it on their ring. The telephone was a black desk phone and the dial was a rotary dial.
    Oh, yeah.... communication was very primitive by today's standard. :)
    As you might guess, I've been around for a long time. (79 years old next month).
    I enjoyed your post. Now, I'm hopping on over to another blog post. Best regards to you, Little girl. Ruby

  4. internet is great... sometimes i think i might have had a different social life in high school if we had internet... i probably would have been more involve. nice post.

  5. I do love the internet. It's perfect for folks like me who would rather not talk to people in real life.