14 April 2012


There are really only a few things that you need when you go traveling: clean under wear, a tooth brush, a pillow, and money to buy the rest.

And really, you don't even have to pack the first three items if have enough money to buy those items over and over again.

Way back when, before the Euro, money to travel to different countries was significantly more difficult. Ordering all the foreseeable money was difficult. I mean, it's never smart to travel with a big wad of currency around I your pocket.

In the year 2000, the last time I went with my family to Germany, the Euro was first introduced just in bank account values. It was also the first time my mom user her debit card in an ATM and withdrew money in DM. In 2002 the actual bills were put into circulation and the DM, deutsch mark, was phased out, along with a dozen other currencies. As young as I was when that happened, I just imagined all sorts of doors opening for travel.

Gone would be the days of ordering money or traveler's cheques.

I can't remember the last time when I didn't just go up to an ATM and withdraw money in that location's currency or pay with a credit card of my own country.

I don't think I would be entirely wrong to say that travel has become easier in part because accessing your own money has become easier.

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  1. Credit cards are my money of chose for travel anywhere. Easy, safe, and the most "bottomless pit" of funds for me.
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