16 April 2012


Whether camping, road tripping, or air planing, your diet changes. Partially because of what's available to you and partially because of what you feel like eating.

Personally, I think airline and airport food options and quality has vastly improved. There are not only restaurants serving lighter options, but the "convenience" outlets have become fresher and tastier as well.

At least, in the airports that I have frequented.

It's nice because to me traveling doesn't qualify as a reason to "cheat" on my diet. And feeling stuffed with little chance to move around is uncomfortable.

Road trips, on the other hand, is a reason to "cheat" for me. I mean, what else was a drive through made for? It's an irrational thought because I am not really moving any more than if I was traveling in a plane.

Camping, from what I hear many people tell me about, is also a reason to eat junk for however long the trip is. Hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, beer, marshmallows, etc. not that those things can't be healthy but a lack of refrigeration capabilities limits how healthy you can really eat. Your potential saving grace could be that you go on hikes or go swimming or something.

Operative word being potential.


  1. Maintaining a diet [preferred eating habits] can be tough while traveling. But they do seem to have made it better.

  2. Road trips are never a cheat for me. I always pack a lot of water, veggies, fruits and healthy snacks for my trips. In fact, the 14 hr drive my friend and I are doing on Friday, has us sitting down and working out a menu for the long drive.

    Smoothies and low-cal (GF) granola bars for breakfast. Grapes and bananas for a mid morning snack. A stop to have chicken salad lettuce wraps and chopped veggies for lunch. Some pickles and more veggies for a mid afternoon snack and sliced meats and cheese with more veggies for dinner.

    We've also planned plenty of stretch breaks that are going to become micro-workouts to get the blood flowing.

    Of course, once I get to my destination there will be a lot of eating out, but we've planned lots of walking and hiking to compensate.

    However camping, while that is a cheat for me. Smokies, smores are the stars of a weekend camp trip and anything that can be cooked over a small campstove is the menu for breakfast. Not to mention chips....and lots of water. We just try to hike or swim as much as we can to make up for the indulgence!