20 April 2012


I’ve had the most numerous amount of adventures with my little cars.

Some of my fondest memories come from the road trips I’ve undertaken. My first car was a manual with 4 speeds and reverse. For a little car it was pretty fuel inefficient and couldn’t accelerate very well. I should have been more grateful that my parents had bought me the car and paid my insurance for a number of years because that car was indestructible and aptly named by my friend, Terias McKlay, the Pygmy Hummer.

My next car was a newer, automatic version of my first car. I had it such a short time that the only thing I can remember is selling it to a different friend of mine.

My third car was yet another newer version of the previous car, once again a manual version though this time with 5 gears. That was the vehicle I had driven from Alberta to Cape Breton and back in 2008. What an adventure that was. I had wracked up more than 200,000km on it before my dad convinced me to trade it for a Red Hyundai Accent.

While I did end up owning a Smart Car for a short period of time, it was the Accent that I put on 90,000 km in the last 3 years. Even though I find driving the huge distances sometimes boring and cumbersome, especially with a time constraint, I’ve always had a huge sense of freedom when I’m driving far too fast on a prairie road.


  1. Cool. I just bought my first car three weeks ago, and the longest trip I've taken in it was to Kitchener for Good Friday dinner with my sister and her branch of the family.

    (Unfortunately, I also had my first minor accident today - backed into a parked van - ouch!!)

    Ouch also for trying to type in stupid captchas!

  2. I loved that little Pygmy Hummer. It was the best road trip vehicle. Even if it maxed out at 80kph going downhill with a tailwind!