16 May 2012

"International Love" by Pitbull f/Chris Brown

"She Doesn't Mind" by Sean Paul

I won't ever make a point of putting up music videos where the music is more appropriate for clubs than for writing. But I did find the two songs catchy and I thought I'd see what the music video were like since I don't ever watch TV anymore, and thus, no MTV or Much Music.

A couple things, firstly, what's with Sean Paul's and Chris Brown's hair? Sean Paul's is passable, but Chris? WTH? Not that I had any respect for you before this video, but seriously.

I'm surprised "International Love" didn't have at least equal amounts of T & A as "She doesn't mind", but what really gets me is the pseudo sex/rape that's going on at the airport. I'm not a prude, but when you've got "security" feeling up people to the lyrics "she doesn't mind" I feel fairly certain I'm watching Sean Paul's dominating fantasies being played out.

I think I remember why I don't watch music videos anymore...

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  1. Hi! My mission...which I chose to accept...was to continue to visit as many A to Z Challenge participants as I could even after the challenge is over because I didn't want to miss out on any great bloggers out there! Lovely blog...good luck with the rest of the year and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Donna L Martin