07 May 2012

A to Z challenge? Mission accomplished.

 It's hard to think of what to blog specifically now that I had a month of theme centered topics. I kind of feel like I've been cut loose now, you know like a kid getting out of school for summer vacation: so much time and all summer to waste it.

There are a few things I'd like to say about the whole experience. Firstly, I'd like to apologize to everybody that commented on my blog that I didn't get around to your blogs and return the gesture. Life has been absolutely hectic the last six weeks and I’ve barely had time to hammer out all the necessary posts. So this is just a little shout out to everybody who stopped by, read, and commented.

While I am happy that I completed the A to Z challenge, it doesn’t feel like a huge accomplishment at this point. It was such a whirlwind month that I never had a chance to really enjoy the challenge and all the entries other people had submitted. It’s kind of like it didn’t live up to my expectations of achievement once I completed it. I would definitely like to try this again next year when life is a bit more settled (one can only hope...).

 I had one annoyance from the last couple challenges, not just the A to Z challenge. It’s this irritating reminder that I should be turning off CAPTCHA. I’m sure they are well intentioned reminders, but I find them annoying, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, while I’m not ungrateful, most people stopping by are doing just that: stopping by. People stopping by aren’t going to bother reading any other blog posts and so they aren’t going to know that I’m preparing to move. Not just across the city, or across the province, but to another country. While I don’t work full time all my spare time is consumed with this move, something perhaps my actual followers can know and sympathize with.

 I would love to sit down, revamp my blog, and turn off CAPTCHA, but I don’t have time. Seriously. That is 5 min that I need to be doing something else. That I don’t get more comments or page views doesn’t really bother me at this point in my life. My priorities are currently all related to moving and not maintaining this blog (not without sadness, however). Sporadic updates is the best I can promise anybody at this point of the year, writing will be on hold (majorly) until after the move, and good luck having me respond to e-mail.

 The second reason that having people remind me to turn off CAPTCHA doesn’t feel like a reminder. It feels like people are telling me I need to turn it off to have a successful blog. I point this out because it really is difficult to discern tone of voice and intention through a comment left by someone I’m not familiar with on my blog.

I could just be becoming uptight about it, but every time someone mentions that CAPTCHA should be turned off, I just want to turn around and say “I don’t tell you how to run your blog, please don’t tell me how to run mine.” I suppose I could just say “I don’t have time” and then direct them to above reasons why I can’t be bothered to make the changes. However, it does come down to the principle of the matter: let me worry about my blog, because ultimately, it’s my “job” and my “career”.

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