01 June 2012

Goal: Get rid of 100 things to downsize.

Mission: Accomplished.

I moved out of my apartment in February time, which took a lot of work. I had to sell a bunch of furniture, box up only what I intended to keep for the next 10 years (which was supposed to be only essentials), and move the rest or, get rid of it.

After the first day I can easily say I had 50 items to give away, mostly books and DVD's. I tackled a few house adornments and then my walk-in closet. The closet I was going to have was going to be a third of the size. I think it's self-explanatory where the rest of the 100+ items came from that I gave away.

I was sad to give away so many things, but now? I don't really miss them.


  1. That is usually the way of things. Out of sight, out of mind.

  2. S'how it goes. But I find I rarely regret giving things away later on. Works out, eh?