15 June 2012

Like last year, I had a master list of goals that I wanted to accomplish. But then I ended up completing goals from the larger lists I had come up with, mostly just by accident or the opportunity simply had presented itself. Well, this year I've done the same thing, but because they're kind of minor goals I won't do a post for all of them.

Goal: Continue logging runs with Nike+Active

Goal: Complete both Nike + Active challenges

The first two sort of coincide with each other. By using my iPods I could track my runs which in turn furthered the Nike+Active challenges. I finally finished both, but not as fast as I had hoped, so I'm still logging all my steps and runs to see if I can't beat my time.

Goal: Get monthly massages

The best thing I've done for my body, besides continuing to run. It's been pricey, but I've always allotted money from my budget here because I think it's important for my mental and physical health.

Goal: Continue getting laser hair removal

Pricey and not so important health-wise, but I'm glad I continued with this. Not having the hassle of shaving and ending up with ingrown hairs is an awesome feeling.

Goal: Get my weight down to 70kg

Best feeling ever! This goal I hadn't made a priority per se, by not putting it on my master list. But that I've accomplished it anyway makes me feel good. In January I weighed 76.5kg and I didn't just get to 70kg, I got to 69kg and have stayed there since the end of April.

All goals accomplished!

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