29 June 2012

More completed goals!

Despite all of the upheaval of moving, which has all worked out rather smoothly, I managed to complete a couple goals.

Goal: Blog twice a week for 6 months, not consecutive.

Seriously, I don't know how I managed to blog 6 months consecutive. I should give myself a gold star.

Compared to last year, I've really made a point to sit down and do some writing for this blog so it's not just a big swamp at the end of the year. But then, I've also made a point to be more conscious of my goals and achieve them. I hope to be blogging very soon about more completed goals!

Goal: Move to the UK and have the appropriate Visa.

Sure I could have gotten to the UK first and then applied, but it has made life so much less complicated to have gotten it first. I'm now on my way to waiting for all of my other paper work to come through, and that's taking long enough!

Goal: Take the Greyhound somewhere.

 I had always intended to use the Greyhound to travel somewhere to meet a friend or go to an awesome destination. I'm glad I never got that opportunity. It probably would have ruined my travel experience.

The situation was that I was moving and a friend had asked if she could buy my car. The trouble was she lived in another city. So I drove my car up, made the sale, and bought a ticket to come back home by the end of the weekend. That wasn't really the problem.

The problem was that firstly, it was a cheap ticket so I wasn't able to book my seat so I had the pleasure of sitting in the back of the bus, where the smelly and hung over people were sitting. The seats were so small you could only sit upright and try to sleep. I was quite thankful that air conditioning existed on the bus.

I'm fairly certain if I had been traveling with the right kind of people it would have been more of an adventure, but I kept thinking that my head was going to get chopped off.

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  1. Congratulations on all of your achieved goals. It's funny how often things don't work out the way you planned, and then you look back and realize it's probably for the best.

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