01 July 2012

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian followers and fellow Canadians!

I have not missed a Canada Day at my parents' house in many years and while I'm happy to be finally living with my husband like a "normal" couple, I miss home. I don't miss it that bad yet, I don't think I've been away for long enough yet, but I miss certain things.

I miss driving on the right side of the road. I miss the long straight roads allowing easy going road trips. I miss the flat land. I miss double-doubles.Granted there are other things that the UK has that Canada does not: all the different ciders you can imagine, a magnitude of tasty cheeses, diet hot chocolate (no really), and a lot of history.

But it's not home, and this being my first national holiday outside of the country, I think I'm just a little home sick.

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