30 July 2012

I have returned from Germany!

The last couple weeks of updates I had written and scheduled, but a few things have happened while I was away that I’ll write a quick update about.

1) Travelling via Ferry between Liverpool and Belfast. Goal complete (though it wasn’t on my main list).

For as long as I can remember my husband went with the ferry back home to Northern Ireland whenever he was stationed in England. When he told me this I was fascinated by the idea of an overnight ferry, where you park your car and sleep in a cabin with 2 bunk beds. Of course I had been on a ferry before in my life, but not an overnight one, and that was quite a few years ago in the meantime. 

So when my husband suggested we go on a mini road trip with the ferry I was totally excited. 

2) Get My National Insurance Number (NIN). 
Shortly after I booked my trip to Germany I got a letter in the mail, my NIN! Finally! It wasn’t too difficult in the end, but I’m still waiting for my nursing registration to go through here in England. While I wait for that I can at least get a job somewhere doing something. One small victory, at least.

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