28 August 2012

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind - #44

When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what you know is right?

There is no set time, it all depends on the magnitude of the decision, but I definitely would let decisions go on and on and on for months.

Granted, I tend to be a more impatient person than most, so I tend to make decisions a little sooner than most, even though I don't always let on. The last three months before I moved I felt awful. I had made up my mind and paperwork and such was just getting in the way, but I was stuck in limbo. It was the same when I quit my job and had to give a month's notice. Stuck in limbo again, waiting for the end.

Limbo feels like torture. Seriously.

Often I try to follow my intuition, which I'm not always good at interpreting (but I'm getting better!), on big or small decisions. It's kind of like following your heart, but not. It's not a reckless abandonment of reason, but it's a general feeling of rightness, and if I truly follow my gut, it's hardly wrong.

I get mixed up when I let other people try to give me their opinions on the situation, suggest what the right thing to do is, or place more weight on some obligations that already had enough weight on them, and so forth. My inner voice becomes drowned out by the noise and then I try to be practical and rationalize the pros and cons for the decision I was going to make. In essence it extends my natural decision making process by at least triple, because 80% of the time I come to the same conclusion I had when I first reacted with my gut.

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