03 August 2012

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind - #25 & #26

What are you most grateful for?

That I have what I do and I don't get what I probably deserve, which is a lot less than what I have.

Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

I would rather lose all of my old memories. After having worked with many people who have dementia of various forms and at various stages I can see that people are still who they are: they are still able to laugh, make friends, and enjoy the company of other people. Or if they have a less than sunny disposition, they still find things to grump about, still sit in the corner glaring at people, and still give all the nurses a hard time.

My point is, that old memories are valuable, but so long as you can make new memories, I don't think it would be that horrible.

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