19 August 2012

I've wanted to write this blog entry for a while, touching on this subject, but I've struggled with it for a while now. I don't know... I've lost the inspiration?

Or maybe I'm just wanting to take my life in a new direction?

I've tried my best to make this blog a reflection of my interests, and to network with other writers, and I don't think I've done very well. I've had a lot of other things on my plate (granted, everybody does), and now that I'm in a new place I feel like a lot of what drove in my old zone doesn't drive me at the moment.

Perhaps this is normal with moving to another country? Or out of your comfort zone?

I've tried to look into how to change my blog's layout and structure to accommodate the shift in focus, interest, and motivation I'm experiencing and it hasn't worked too well. It doesn't look like I can erase anything either and start from scratch. Not that I necessarily want to, but I can't seem to change too much with ease.

But I guess the question is, do I want to keep doing this? Do I want to keep blogging, being so connected, and trying to stay on top of everything? I hate to start something and not finish it, whether it's a goal, a project, or a job.

Maybe it's a lull, a bad week, or I'm missing something?

I know this post sounds a bit rambly and self-pitying, but I've felt this for most of August already. When I read my old posts from this year and last, and from the beginning there feels like a change in how I write, and I don't like it. I feel so pretentious in the last 6 months in my posts and nothing feels genuine at the moment, and for me there's no point in this if I'm not sincere.

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