04 August 2012

Well, the first week of the Olympics is over and I’m sometimes thankful that I don’t work; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to watch so much of the Olympics.

On the other hand, because I don’t work I haven’t been able to really afford a ticket to go see one of the events. Well, after discussing it at length, my husband and I came to the conclusion that even if I had been working and we had had the money, it would still be an unreasonable amount of money to get a decent seat to see something half decent. 

On top of that, travelling in London on a normal day is ridiculous, with a few million extra people in the vicinity I don’t really want to imagine what travelling around there would be like. 

While I was perusing the tickets last month the recommendation was to arrive at the grounds two hours before the event began. A reason was never given as to why. Along with massive crowds and then having to wait around, and then you get hungry or thirsty and have to use the toilets or buy overpriced food.
All of this stress for the money we were paying didn’t make much sense. I have had a fabulous view from the comfort of my living room with a nice glass of wine. I’ve always been excited for and about the Olympic games so I don’t need to be there to enjoy it. 

Goal not completed, but happy all the same. 

PS. Go Team Canada and Deutschland!

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