01 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 1

From now on, I'm just going to include one sort of Meme for next year's list of goals. Now that the year only has four months left I'm like, "Ahh! I have to get through two memes yet!" I certainly didn't think the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind wouldn't take up that many days on the calender either. Unfortunately I'll have to overlap this new meme with the unfinished one if I'm going to get any of my goals on my list finished.

As I'm planning on changing the direction of my blog a little, I thought it was appropriate to complete the "30 Days of Fitness" Meme that I found on Tumblr (as a side note, there are so many fitspo blogs on Tumblr... it's a little intense). Day 1 is all about measuring yourself, weight and dimensions, and going on the assumption that everybody knows that a pound of fat occupies more space than a pound of muscle.


It feels a bit inaccurate to report these figures since I'm a month in to working out or "training" 6 days a week. I either should have started this August 1st, or at least taken measurements then to see what a difference there would be following the completion of this meme.

Ah well, I'll just make the best of this as I can.

Weighing myself was the easy part, since I've been doing that on a weekly basis anyway. Measuring myself was a different matter because firstly, I didn't have a tape measure, and secondly, I didn't really know how. Sure, I've been sized up by a seamstress before, but I didn't exactly know what they were doing or looking for.

So I did a little Google search and found this article on Weight Loss Program. You have to scroll to the bottom to get the "how to" section. Then I went on a little raid of my husband's tool box and found a carpenter's tape measure. It's not as flexible as the ones a seamstress would have, but in a pinch, I think it'll do (I knew I should have kept the tape measure from my Ikea trip last month...). And then I had the joys of trying to measure myself, so I don't know how accurate this will be.

Yup, that's me. And that's my husband's tape measure...

My measurements are as follows:
  • Weight: 151.6 lbs / 68.8 kg / 10.8 stone
  • Neck: 13.5 in / 34 cm
  • Chest 37.5 in / 95 cm
  • Bust 31.5 in / 80 cm
  • Arm 11.0 in / 28 cm
  • Waist 30 in / 76 cm
  • Hips 38.5 in / 98 cm
  • Legs 22 in / 56 cm
I have to say, I've never measured myself before, so it'll be interesting if anything changes over the next month. Has anybody else ever measured themselves before?

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