11 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 11

Exercises you hate.

Burpees is a favourite one to hate, for obvious reasons.

I also hate the bench press. Not because it zaps all my energy or a difficult exercise, but because of the imagery behind it. Seriously, in my experience each and every one of the juice heads I've ever seen in a gym has loaded up the weights on the bar and lifted it twice. And it's like a scripted movie when they get up and say something along the lines, "Man, what a work out."

Maybe it's jealousy that makes me hate people at the gym like that because my workouts need to be longer to look as fit as they do. Or maybe I hate the bench press because I'm not strong enough to lift even half that much weight once (I can only lift the bar by itself).

Why so many shirtless man pictures???

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  1. I actually like burpees... they're such a good work out, but I'll have to agree with you on benchpress...one of the reasons I like going to a women's only gym is that I never see anyone do what you describe.