14 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 14

Favourite place to exercise.

When I started to run I did it on a treadmill. This was a terrible idea, but no one told me. Or else, no one thought it was as terrible as I felt it was. To put it simply, it is effing boring. I struggled through every running session because I could visibly see how much time had elapsed and how painfully slow I was going.

Then I started running outside. At first only during fair weather, but it was enough to get me hooked into running during the crap weather as well. And then I finally understood why people ran. It doesn't really matter how fast or how slow you go, so long as you don't stop, and you get to see so many more interesting things!

Outside 1 - Gym 0

I have basically grown up in swimming pools. My parents like to tell the tale of how I jumped into a swimming pool before I was even able to walk, never mind swim. When we moved to Medicine Hat and discovered the number of outdoor pools that existed and had lane swimming every. Single. Afternoon. It was hard not to enjoy it. Workout out and getting a tan? Yes please.

At the pool in Medicine Hat with the husband unit snoozing.

Outside 2 - Gym 0

I don't mind circuit training, since I typically go to a gym and have done full body work outs. I've always had a problem with boot camp style work outs, since instructors make very little allowances for different fitness levels. It's like, "YOU WILL GO BEYOND YOUR CAPABILITIES AND GIVE ME 1000%" and end up only lasting 15 secs. I'd like to take a moment and remind people that life is not like "The Biggest Loser". You will not stick to it, you will not become famous, and you will not feel good.

If you do, you are a small section of the population and kudos to you.

My husband and I were out of a walk shortly after I moved here to Bordon and were quite intrigued and pleased to discover the Fitness Trail close by. A series of structures that allowed you to work your upper and lower body as hard as you wanted to.

I will try to get pictures of us working out next time in our sexy sweatiness.

Following the first workout my husband and I completed there, we were both super sore the next day. But! With a little added colour in our face from the sun.

Outside 3 - Gym 0

Suffice to say, I've come to really enjoy working out outdoors and I will be really sad when the winter sets in.

Does anybody else have a favourite place to work out?

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  1. Well done, half way through. I agree, treadmill work is not where near as motivating as running outside. Healthier too.

  2. I have a bunch of different routes I run through my neighbourhood and I take my German Shepherd running with me most of the time. I hate running on the treadmill at well (ugh!). I used to do crew in high school and love being on and in the water - but all the pools near me are indoor ones and they are just humid and icky...so I'm hoping to find an outdoor one next season with decent lap swim

    1. There is definitely nothing as rewarding as a good outdoor swim. Good luck with your search!