20 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 20

Favorite rep structure or timings for exercises.

I remember going to the gym and lifting weights as a teenager. This doesn't sound weird now since we have so many teenage athletes that are on the verge of being professionals and they regularly spend hours in the gym. But at 15, in my home town, I can think of only myself and Terias McKlay

It was a combination of both my parents that taught me about reps and sets, and as far as they knew a person lifted heavy weights fewer times to build bulk and lighter weights more times to tone. Essentially true, but this notion has since been revised. But until about a year or two ago, I still structured my work out and sets accordingly: 3 sets of 30 is what I had always aimed for, and sometimes still today. 

What can I say, I love repetition. 

But I never saw any real improvement in shape, tone, or strength, and then it dawned on me, after reading an article in Oxygen, that you're never going to get stronger if you don't challenge your muscles (I wish I had kept the article). Aka. Lift heavier weights. 

It's only been since January that I've really started to challenge myself to different rep structures, different weights, and different exercises. It's worked in so far that I'm stronger, and I've come to appreciate pyramid sets, sometimes I like to be a tool and do an overload set. 10 reps at x kg, 10 reps at x+10 kg, 10 reps at x+20 kg. I don't get too far because I'm not actually that strong, haha.

Not yet.


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