24 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 24

How much water do you drink during exercise?

Perhaps not as much as I should. When I run I can't be bothered to take a water bottle with me so I'll run for an hour with no extra fluid on board. It probably doesn't make up for it, but I do drink half a litre minimum before I go out and then immediately half a litre when I'm finished.

It's the same for swimming since pool water would be a poor choice (obviously). Since my water bottle broke I haven't been able take any water to the gym or TKD, which is worse since I can be there for around two hours.

I was better about hydration in Canada when the summer started because the heat was sometimes unbearable. The temperate weather here in the UK doesn't seem to make me as thirsty so I think that's why I've gotten lazy. By this time next week, I will have a new water bottle.


Anything else would be Gucci.

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