25 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 25

How much water do you drink normally?

I'm conscious about the recommended 2L per day plus the extra need for it when I exercise.  It's pretty important to be hydrated properly, but if you remember me talking about my broken water bottle, I can admit that I am not drinking enough water, even when I'm not exercising.

This isn't even counting the effects of drinking a lot of coffee and tea, and sometimes wine, does to my hydration. According to LiveStrong.com, a couple cups don't affect you much, but anything more than 300mg of consumptions (4+ cups/day) will start to dehydrate you.

I wouldn't smile for anything less.
I shouldn't take the above article as a get out of jail free card for how much coffee to continue consuming caffeine in its liquid forms. While I do drink herbal teas in conjunction to the coffee, and I've started to drink a glass of water for every mug of coffee or black tea I consume, but since I tend to drink a bottle of wine a couple times a week I'm likely still on the dehydrated side of things.

I sort of keep track of my water consumption on my MyFitnessPal profile, but I don't seem to be very diligent about it. Anybody have any recommendations to increase my water intake?

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