07 September 2012

30 Days of Fitness - Day 7

Preferred time of day to exercise.

My preferred time of day is actually night. I really enjoy working out in the evenings, when it's dark, and everybody else is winding down. Granted, that's always been my most productive time for anything: writing, studying, cleaning. I used to get right into my cleaning at midnight when I was working a lot of nights, but I was considerate enough to leave the vacuuming for daylight hours.

However, I live and seem to have always lived in places where the notion is that people only work during daylight hours, so exercise classes and gym opening hours have always limited my abilities to workout at my preferred time of day. Except when I lived in Stettler and had access to a 24 hour gym.

On the other hand, have set times can get your but in gear too. Left to my own devices during my unemployment I find myself getting up shortly after my husband, putting on my workout clothes, and not leaving the house until mid afternoon. Unless I plan on going swimming and I'm forced to move a little faster through my morning routine (Checking FB, twitter, and the latest time suck, Pinterest). 

Once I start working again the dynamics of my exercise will change again. The important thing is that I make time for it, and never talk myself out of a work out if it's not my preferred time to exercise. 



Anybody else have a preferred time to exercise?

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